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May 2020
National Smile Month !

National Smile Month !
18th May -18th June 2020

During National Smile Month Highley Pharmacy will be promoting good oral hygiene and dental care products.

We would like you to join in and get everyone talking about who in Highley never fails to put a smile on your face ?

In order to nominate someone, please send a picture of the chosen nominee along with a brief description of why they deserve to be one of the faces of National Smile Month 2020

The deadline for entries is 31st May 2020

Send entries to pr@dentalhealth.org

You can also enter our competition to win an Oral B Vitality Plus cross action re-chargeable toothbrush worth £25

Just read the Oral Health Information below and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

Please e mail your name and phone number to highley.pharmacy@nhs.net with your answers. (or send on a postcard to the pharmacy)

The deadline for entries is 17th June 2020

The first correct entry form picked out will win and the winner will be notified by phone and on the pharmacy website

Thanks for taking part, stay safe and keep smiling !!!!

Prevention is better than Cure

Every time you eat or drink something that contains sugar the enamel on your teeth becomes softer for about 45 minutes. The acid gets neutralised by the saliva and then the teeth can start to repair themselves. If you lose this repair time by having acid attacks too frequently the teeth will start to decay and a cavity will form

Keeping acid attacks to a minimum is essential to keep teeth healthy and cavity free.

Getting wise about snacking

Limit sugary food and drink to mealtimes to reduce the number of acid attacks on your teeth. The time between meals is an important time for the repair of teeth

Do not have anything to eat or drink for 1 hour before going to bed apart from water, as saliva production is lower during sleeping hours, if there is acid left on the teeth there is an opportunity for decay to occur overnight.

Chew sugar free chewing gum after eating to help produce more saliva to cancel out the acids which form in the mouth after eating. Finish a meal with cheese or milk, as this will help to neutralize the acid.

Wait for at least an hour after eating anything before you brush your teeth. This gives your teeth time to build up their mineral content again.

Brush before breakfast and then chew sugar free gum afterwards to remove any debris, freshen your breath and promote saliva production. This will help to avoid the erosion of enamel.

Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and visit your dentist regularly

  1. How long does it take for the saliva in your mouth to neutralize the acid produced from eating or drinking something that contains sugar. Is it a) 15mins ? b) 45 mins ? or c) 60 mins ?
  2. “Saliva production is lower during sleeping hours”. Is it a) True or b) False ?
  3. Finishing a meal with cheese or milk will help to neutralize the acids which form in the mouth after eating. Is it a) True or b) False ?
  4. How often should you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste ? Is it a) Twice a day b) Once a day ? or c) When you remember ?

Please send your answers on a postcard or email to highley.pharmacy@nhs.net with your name and contact phone number.

The deadline for entries is 17th June 2020

The first correct entry picked out will be the winner. The winner will be contacted by phone and an announcement made on the pharmacy website

Thanks for taking part, stay safe and keep smiling !!!!

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